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sccm recover secondary site pending Add this as a Secondary site to the existing heirarchy. quot G 92 Data 92 MSSQL 92 Database. 800 607 Site assignment failed. If the replication looks good the Alert status is displayed as OK as follows Decommission or Deleting a Secondary Site from SCCM Console. Mar 20 2018 Because site reset cannot be done on secondary sites. I re installed SCCM on the secondary site server. This is different from the SUSPECT state because it cannot be said that recovery is going to fail it just hasn t started yet. Scroll right to see the values and conditions. But I had the need to resend all failed packages on a distribution point and I was in no mood to click around in the GUI so I investigated the WMI classes listed on Jun 14 2017 Select CMSQLAONA and right click Databases select Restore Database You ll be presented with the Restore Database page . 3. I did check the keys. Resolution Note Please use the below solution after all the prerequisite check Log on your Secondary SCCM Site server Copy the file 92 inboxes 92 sitectrl. For instance after setting database in Emergency mode it stayed there for ages telling something like quot Database is being recovered wait until recovery is finished quot . Nov 08 2016 SCCM Distribution Content Status Stuck In Progress. Scott Lowe helps you make sense of the convoluted System Center licensing. One of the great improvement in Configuration Manager 2012 is the ability to centrally manage the site in an effective manner regardless of your security roles and scopes. The computer account of the Site Server is used to access and manage the remote secondary site server by default. The SCCM 2012 R2 Installation Guide blog post series will describe everything about the installation process from the server prerequisites to the various site role installation and configurations. Make sure that you are running at least Configuration Manager RTM SP1 Version DB Engine 2012 Database Stuck In Recovery Pending Status Jan 12 2013. We selected to use Delete. Resetting SCCM Agent if patch installation fails October 26 2013 August 31 2015 Mike Erps Sysadmin Windows From time to time a ticket will be created in regards to System Patches failing in an SCCM environment. C 92 Program Files 92 Microsoft Configuration Manager 92 bin 92 X64 92 SETUP DEINSTALL from an elevated Oct 05 2014 Configuration Manager 2012 R2 disaster recovery is a complex process. Copy SCCMContentLib from the old site server to the same location and path on the new site server. This entry was posted in 1606 Retry Installation . Launch splash. Software Deployment amp Patching. Oct 11 2013 One other thing not mentioned here the secondary sites in your hierarchy must be running SQL 2012 Express SP1 SCCM 2012 installs the non SP1 version by default or you ll end up with a prerequisite check failure when attempting to upgrade the site from the console. Aug 16 2017 The Backup Site Server maintenance task does not include a backup for the content library or the package source files. It mentioned prerequisite and screenshot for step by step and log names. log and ConfigMgrPrereq. ct0 file to a temp location rename it to 00000000. Click Start gt All Programs gt Microsoft System Center gt ConfigMgr 2007 gt ConfigMgr Site Repair Wizard. Refresh amp verify from the SCCM Console that the secondary site and it 39 s system is deleted. Jul 31 2018 Verify SCCM Secondary Site Installation To verify the installation of secondary sites open and check the log files mentioned below. Nov 08 2014 1. 168. Actions taken upon investigation Mar 15 2015 Earlier in the upgrade process we decided it was best to remove the secondary site and re deploy it after the upgrade and it would be the cleanest way of doing it. Packages op secondary sites blijven hangen op status quot pending installation quot Secondary sites op grote afstand en op verbindingen met hoge latency zoals USA of India maar ook China hebben zo nu en dan problemen wanneer meerdere pakketten of een aantal grote pakketten tegelijk worden aangeboden. In its Properties repeat 1. If a Distribution Point in System Center Configuration Manager has failed packages it probably has a cause and resending the packages might not be the right solution to the problem. Unlike with other types of sites recovery for a secondary site doesn 39 t use a backup file. log secondary site seems to be active PRI Primary 2 PENDING 3 FAILED 1 Mar 2019 Yesterday I kicked off an installation of a secondary SCCM site from our CAS. Jan 28 2019 When the Central Administration Site was introduced back in SCCM 2012 SP1 there was no concept of a preferred site system. Step 1 We checked Database replication and found that secondary site replication failed. Select Recovery the site database using the backup set at the following location. You may use copy and paste tools and tools like Imagex to get things working but it 39 s a pain . Phase 2 of 3. Select Device and select the ellipses Select Add Navigate to C 92 CMBackup and select the CMBackup file Select OK Select OK You can click on Files and you ll see it is going to restore the Database to the default SQL locations When the software update scan cycle is initiated Windows update agent windows update service will contact WSUS where you have installed SUP site role for scanning. 2. Point 3. Before installing a secondary site server it is always a good idea to confirm that the server is setup correctly before System Center Configuration Manager and SQL Express are installed on it. com both X86 amp x64 boot files have been distributed to the DP when i boot the machine i keep getting quot Pending request id different number each time quot i have checked my collections amp there is no quot Unknown quot entry. 4. A minute Dec 30 2012 SQL Server Management Studio reports a database in quot Recovery Pending quot status. Jan 31 2011 When doing this ensure the parent primary site is the owner of the package for the secondary site DP you are troubleshooting. Then close out and reboot. Possible values are listed below. Sep 07 2016 After restart some databases not all were in recovery pending state. Reboot and everything looks well now. IN SCCM 2012 SP1 Though it started from RTM SCCM Secondary Site restore is officially supported . Jun 26 2020 Recovery Pending If the SQL Server knows that database recovery needs to be run but something is preventing it from starting the Server marks the db in Recovery Pending state. We have a Primary site and several secondary Sites. They are all good. Site system roles. Check AD to see if the site record under Systems Management OU has been removed if not remove them manually. Now we can host the Central Primary Site databases into Availability Groups for high availability and disaster recovery purposes. Most noticeably the product name has changed and it s no longer available as a standalone product It s now sold as a part of the System Center 2012 suite and is officially known as System Center 2012 Configuration Manager which places the emphasis on System Center as a whole That said I ll still abbreviate it as SCCM 2012 Jan 15 2016 I waited a few minutes to let Configuration Manager update itself then on the Primary Site Server I restarted the SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER service. We have 13 secondary sites under it. Run the SPDiagDRS CAS or Primary Exec SPDiagDRS for Secondary site by in this prior restart and also completes any pending file rename operations. SCCM disaster recovery pitfall. A pending reboot is defined in many places. In configuration Manager 2012 both features has now been added to the distribution point. 60 RTM is installed on secondary site servers. However more often than not I end up with a site stuck in a pending state. As we cannot back up a secondary site we need to recover a secondary site from a primary site. After you create SMS Admins group reinitiate the secondary site upgrade that will fix the issue. Hopefully the problem will be solved. 5. Continue reading System Center Configuration Manager SCCM 2012 introduces database changes from SCCM 2007. To configure the Heartbeat Discovery schedule In the Configuration Manager console click Administration gt Hierarchy Configuration and then click Discovery Methods Oct 14 2014 To configure SCCM 20012 R2 to deploy updates to the environment first configure the Software Update Point of the Site. Mar 28 2010 The secondary site is managed by a SCCM 2007 administrator running a Configuration Manager 2007 console that is connected to the primary site. Recovery of database TestMe 28 is 3 complete approximately 36 seconds remain . Page set REBUILD pending PSRBD status indicates that an entire nonpartitioned secondary index or index on the auxiliary table is unavailable for The site server is then able to push the client installation at the next available time. USE master Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager SCCM Powershell Windows 10 I also cover other areas related to these. Wait for couple of hours and check. If you re not familiar with SCCM 2012 R2 Features you can visit this Technet article which covers it all. Dec 13 2018 It was found out that the Primary Site s Database Server is running low on storage. Sites table status from 5 to 1 then attempted to 39 Recover Secondary Site 39 . Date October 11 2016 Author hiraniconfigmgr 0 Comments Issue After restore of primary site SUP not synchronizing on secondary site. Client version is higher than the site version. The remedy First step using query analyzer run the following query on your DB to check the SCCM database integrity SELECT FROM ResPolicyMap WHERE machineid 0 and PADBID IN SELECT PADBID FROM PolicyAssignment WHERE BodyHash IS NULL If you get NULL values in TargetSourceID proceed to next Jan 18 2018 SCCM Settings Site code TST Site Name SCCMTST Lab Servers SCCM Setup Primary Site Server Distribution point SQL and Software Update Point Every server that is a part of your SCCM site will want to have 1 drive for the OS 1 drive for the page file and 1 drive for the program files. Aug 27 2013 Last night we were able to recover the server that housed the Primary replica and once it came online we were able to sync with the Secondary that was left hanging before. You can restart Configuration Manager Services with Configura When you use Site Recovery you incur charges for the Site Recovery license Azure storage storage transactions and outbound data transfer. May 12 2011 Failed to download site signing certificate. How i fixed it Jun 08 2009 Recovery pending means that for some reason SQL cannot run restart recovery on the database. Click on Administration on the bottom left menu 3. Build a new server with 2008R2 2007SP2 with a new name. Aug 03 2011 SCCM Package stuck at Install Pending state. old move ALL the files to that folder. hta from the ConfigMgr installation media and click on Install. The SQL Server version can be determined through various ways including the Configuration Manager Prerequisite Checker or SQL Server Management Studio. Then select the secondary site that you 39 re installing and then choose Show Install Status in the ribbon. Usually this is because the log is missing or corrupt. A quick look at the Site Status showed that everything was looking good. A site has failed to install or when the site remains visible in the ConfigMgr console after you ve uninstalled it How to Monitor On your secondary site server you can monitor this from C 92 ConfigMgrSetup. In this blog post I ll walk you through the upgrade process step by step in a SCCM 2012 R2 standalone primary scenario. Running this query on the SCCM database listed all the updates available for SCCM. This process reinstalls the secondary site files on the failed server. This article has been updated for RC1 Microsoft is moving off from file based replication for site to site communication. Yes that s correct you should not be using servicing plans to deploy feature updates. 0 is installed on Configuration Manager Secondary site computers for installing SQL Server TIP. Also you mention using Site Recovery instead of Site Maintenance. Because Configuration Manager clients are always assigned to primary sites client agent settings cannot be configured differently from the secondary site s parent site for clients located within the boundaries of secondary sites. box 92 SiteCtrl. During testing a sccm disaster recovery we encountered the following problem Problem. xml. Uninstall the Microsoft SQL server and its components from the Control Panel. May 13 2016 I have one Primary Site running Configuration Manager build 1511 using a SQL database hosted on 03 SQL 2012SP1 Primary Replica VM. Configuration Manager Setup 4 01 2012 1 18 55 AM 1376 0x0560 To resolve this make sure the account you are installing with logged in as when installing has local administrative rights on the SQL server I understand the term Site system role but what is an SCCM Site system server ANSWER If a computer hosts one or more SCCM Site system roles Get this answer and full access to our Knowledge Base of over 2 100 SCCM tutorials help hints tips and FAQs with your FREE 14 day trial. A site reset did not resolve this issue. Failed to download site signing certificate. To remedy this drill down into the Start Menu on your Secondary Site server and open the SQL Server Configuration Manager. Feb 24 2014 ConfigMgr 2012 Recovery. log and SiteComp. In Part II we will be covering the Certificate Configuration needed for System Center Configuration Manager 2012. My database size is around 8. Hello Im facing a serious problem with my SCCM environment. When To Use A Secondary Site in SCCM. SmsAdminUI. Remote Differential nbsp In looking at the quot Secondary Site Installation Status quot they all stop logging at the Prerequisite 0x824 gt Not recovery mode or not top level site. All the previous systems have installed and completed successfully using the defaults for setting up a secondary site. We can easily identify potential problems within your SCCM infrastructure as well as help you to create a more efficient environment. by michael grant. Jun 30 2017 In looking at the quot Secondary Site Installation Status quot they all stop logging at the Prerequisite checks complete point all prerequisites have passed as well. latest completing the wizard appropriately. 2. Secondary site need to be reinstalled since MS won t support restore site method. CM_UpdatePackages. Right now my site status is showing as quot Recovering quot and has been stuck at the same step under quot Show Install Status quot for a day or so now. net framework 4 BITS Windows updates WDS WAI add site server computer name and sccm admin user to local administrator group on primary stand alone site server. log Records site setting changes made to site control objects in the database. that includes a Configuration Manager primary site server or secondary site server that This will make sure that the machine is not in a Reboot pending state. Silly me I changed the server from domains corrected the SQL permissions on the Configuration Manager database but the Site Management in the Configuration Manager Console was Jun 10 2017 During the Site Maintenance to repoint the Site Server to AG. If you had to manage thousand of clients in a remote site region and a secondary site was not an option the installation of numerous Primary Site was needed so was the CAS . You may not be aware but redo on a secondary involve Mar 15 2015 Earlier in the upgrade process we decided it was best to remove the secondary site and re deploy it after the upgrade and it would be the cleanest way of doing it. 5. Execute the following SQL query list all updates processed by SCCM. Moreover the issue was not restricted to a specific location since the problematic clients were distributed over numerous secondary sites which contained perfectly functioning clients as well. the secondary server state changed from pending to recovering. Since the SUP wouldn t be deinstalled I also couldn t remove the site from my environment only SUP was running on the server . One way to accomplish this is by creating a group named SCCM Site Servers with the computer accounts of all SCCM Site Servers then adding the local administrator groups on all Site Servers. The setup process will auto failover to each node to perform configuration and fail back to the primary node. Passed Verifies that the Microsoft . Could you please clarify As I know SCCM currently support default instance and default port only. Use Verbose for details on which packages that were set to refresh. Site data. I 39 m running SCCM 2012 R2 with a single Primary and 10 secondary sites waiting for this 11th. The Site Recovery license is per protected instance where an instance is a virtual machine or a physical server. Stuck in Install pending state . Once open go to SQL Server Network Configuration gt Your SCCM instance. Point 1. Mar 06 2020 In the Configuration Manager console go to the Administration workspace expand Site Configuration and select the Sites node. Open the Properties of your Site 3. The site is now stuck in 39 Pending 39 and shows that nothing has occurred after the nbsp 6 May 2016 After recovering WSUS or SCCM Software Updates will no longer quot pending quot Software Updates on a Client that are deployed in SCCM. It configures a new AD domain controler a new hierarchy standalone bench with SQL Server a remote site system server with Management Point and Distribution Point and a client. Followers 0. The physical server that I mentioned has a hardware issue was a virtual server and the problem was with Hyper V rather than the actual server. So you would need to manually uninstall Secondary Site using Configuration Setup at the Secondary Site Server. Here you will find hints tips and tricks to help with managing your infrastructure. Sep 21 2020 This template creates 4 or 5 new Azure VMs based on which configuration you choose. Use Microsoft tools such as the NTBackup. SMSAWEBSVCSetup. SCCM 2007 Secondary site Installation Pending Fails. Jul 28 2019 Pending Reboot Flags are in the Registry. log Records Configuration Manager console activity. Jan 01 2018 Here are some warnings and errors that the prereq check which runs before the SCCM setup starts may show Error Required SQL server collation Configuration Manager requires that you configure your SQL Server instance and Configuration Manager site database if already present to use the SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS collation unless you are using a Chinese operating system Read More Oct 11 2016 Issue reported We have noticed that the Site Status under Monitoring shows Reporting services point as in Critical state though we do not see anything wrong with SCCM as such at least we haven 39 t been reported any problems thus far . Create a new folder called Backup. Select Recover a site and click Next. Remove the Oct 11 2016 CMInfra_06_ After restore of primary site SUP not synchronizing on secondary site. The following are prerequisites for installing secondary sites The administ Log on your Secondary SCCM Site server Copy the file 92 inboxes 92 sitectrl. box 92 Jul 02 2013 There is a known bug with installing ConfigMgr 2012 CU2 which can prevent the creation of a secondary sites after installing the hotfix. Nov 09 2018 From time to time the SCCM client is recalcitrant and even after uninstallation and reinstallation it still does not work. 30. Dec 01 2012 Deleting Secondary Site Uninstalling Secondary Site. Select this option to delete the secondary site. Site assignment failed. On your Primary Site Server open Configuration Manager 2012 2. I have issues where the configuration manager CAS server is showing the clients as quot Pending System Restart quot . However Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 RTM officially nbsp 3 days ago Let 39 s find out the method SCCM Secondary Server Hotfix Installation details. Whenever its showing recovery pending state I used to run this script and its working fine. In Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 and later note that you have the ability to recover a site secondary sites don t count using a standard native SQL Server database backup. Sep 30 2013 For a Long while SCCM Admins would have nightmare if the Secondary Site Goes down . There is only one solution rebuild the repository of the WMI. Feb 19 2012 Use my test environment at home as an example to explain the issue with this script in SCCM 2007 I have a central site Site Code CEN Site Server ConfigMgr00 a primary site Site Code TAO Site Server ConfigMgr01 and a secondary site Site Code S01 Site Server ConfigMgr02 reporting to the primary site TAO. 11 to local administrator group of server where we will install secondary site SCCM1 192. Issue New Secondary site not replicated to Primary Console. SOLUTION use master. This is an informational message only. Check the package verification option. This is where we 1. Today we are going to talk about SCCM Secondary Site Failure and Restore For a Long while SCCM Admins would have nightmare if the Secondary Site Goes down . Jan 31 2018 To prepare the secondary database you first need to take a full backup and immediate transaction log backup of your newly restored primary database. A secondary site differs from a child site in that users and devices in the secondary site appear in the SCCM console just like any other device. As I went to upgrade an evaluation version of System Center Configuration Manager 2012 to a full version I noticed unlike Operations Manager you have to do this through the setup install interface. Remember that there are a few of prerequisites that need to be in place in order Oct 30 2018 Passed Verifies that the Microsoft . log. To do this I created this little PowerShell script I also rely on the WMIRepair tool contained in the quot SCCM Client Center quot To Roger Zander Critical status message shows server connection errors to required endpoints If the Configuration Manager site server fails to connect to required endpoints for a cloud service it raises a critical status message ID 11488. There is a known bug with installing ConfigMgr 2012 CU2 which can prevent the creation of a secondary sites after installing the hotfix. Above links provided enough stuff to recover them but didnt work. Install WADK on a server which will be an SCCM primary site Going on 13. Managing Down Level Primary Sites. Just wanted to know how to Jan 17 2020 In System Center Configuration Manager current branch version 1802 conditional access compliance reporting fails for intranet clients if a proxy is required. Upgrading to Configuration Manager 1602 In order to use SQL AlwaysOn Configuration Manager must be updated to version 1602. A new Site Server appears in the list of sites with a status of Pending. The issue that I have seen multiple times is that the state capture appears to run successfully there is a USMT file of the size that I expect in the State Migration Point folder. Right click the secondary site and select delete. The reason of this misconception is simple SCCM 2007 secondary site worked differently from the 2012 version. May 14 2015 SCCM 2012 Perform site maintenance or reset this site Greyed Out Unavailable. To take advantage of this option you must configure your site to support automatic upgrades for pre production before beginning installation of the update. I checked Program and Features in my ex Secondary Server indeed there is a Microsoft Configuration System 2012 Secondary Site installed there. In this scenario we Secondary site can be upgraded from SCCM Console itself. Useful errors During the OS upgrade the SMS folder in the cert store gets removed until the ConfigMgr services are restarted and then its gets recreated. However after increasing the database storage the link between the CAS and Primary site remained broken. mdf quot . Last week someone power cycled one of our secondary site server also a DP via Sep 17 2013 You must use a computer with the same configuration as the failed computer such as its FQDN to successfully recover the secondary site. Jul 26 2019 SCCM 1906 Upgrade Upgrade SCCM Secondary Servers to 1906. log Records the availability and disk space monitoring process of all site systems. Relationships between servers in Moscow excellent between primary and secondary in Europe not good the automatic replication does not work correctly. Central Site s Configuration Manager Database will collect all Database information rolls from the child to the parent. This includes version control application lifecycle management agile planning and static analysis. To update a secondary site in the Configuration Manager console click Administration click Site Configuration click Sites click Recover Secondary Site and then select the secondary site. Site Server Recovery Options Site Database Recovery Options. box 92 SiteCtrl. Next enable automatic site wide client push installation so all the client versions will be updated to the hierarchy version. For site database recovery options select Recover the site database using the backup set at the following location and browse to the path to the backup folder On Site Recovery Information by default Recover Primary site will be selected. First published on MSDN on Dec 04 2013 There are various reasons a secondary may not be keeping up slow network blocked redo worker by a long running query on a readable secondary . In this post we do this with SCCM Console and Services in Control Panel. NOTES There are no notes on this topic. Jun 14 2011 Did you ever lost control of your Configuration Manager 2007 environment after you changed the Configuration Manager server from domains. We can restore a secondary server from the Configuration Manager console. Feb 10 2016 Site Recovery Secondary Site or Service Pack1 Feature Recovery prerequisites Server must meet all secondary site prereqs Server must have same FQDN Permissions Install SQL SQL Express Same Version Same Instance e Console gt Administration gt Sites gt Recover Secondary Site gt High level steps ConfigMgr reinstalls the Jul 07 2017 SCCM 1706 Secondary Site Installation HOTFIX Provisioning not completed when creating a Cloud Management Gateway in Configuration Manager version 1702 System Center Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1708 now available. The Client Installation Settings menu for each site holds the two installation options Client Push Installation and Software Update Based Client Installation. This document describes the steps to recover a full Configuration Manager 2012 R2 hierarchy in case of disaster. This includes creating templates Group Policies and Certificate registration on the Management Point MP . The content library for the site server is in the SCCMContentLib folder which is typically located on the drive with the most free disk space at the time that the site installed. However all these methods still rely on the SCCM infrastructure in some way. On Secondary site server open Configmgrsetup. SCCM Current Branch does a really good job of managing clients and repairing itself in the event of a failure. Oct 01 2014 i am trying to install first SCCM 2012 secondary server in LAB and installation state is showing as quot Pending quot in console. Mar 04 2015 Recovery of database TestMe 28 is 3 complete approximately 36 seconds remain . Aug 31 2010 Microsoft System Center licensing can be quite complex especially as you add multiple server products to the mix. 1012 Recover a secondary site the installation media is already available on the secondary site. This apply to SCCM 2012 SCCM 2012 sp1 SCCM 2012 sp1 CU1. ct2 and copy the renamed file to Primary SCCM Site Server 92 inboxes 92 hman. Waiting for the uninstallation of the Secondary Site Nov 07 2013 Otherwise the recovery process would fail if we tried to recover a site database that already exists on the SQL Server. I deleted secondary site from parent site. Run ConfigMgr install from cd. Jul 18 2014 One of the pain areas of the SCCM 2007 was that we could design multiple tiers in the hierarchy and a big issue generators being Package status for a third fourth tier site not being yet reported to the Central console. And delete pending. Next the new distribution point will be installed and configured before the content is converted to the new Content Library. Give 8 GB of memory in SQL Management Studio 14. Opening the SQL Server Configuration Manager and restarting the service for the down database fixes the problem and everything starts to work again for a nbsp Because of this each secondary site will need SQL Server SQL Server Express is In Configuration Manager 2012 recovery is integrated in the Configuration nbsp 10 Sep 2020 This option uninstalls Configuration Manager from the secondary site server We also used the PREINST tool to remove the pending jobs. Feb 18 2020 After you install this update on a primary site pre existing secondary sites must be manually updated. Install WSUS server on SCCM PS for patch management 16. log in C 92 92 Windows 92 92 CCM 92 92 Logs showed me that the client was able to locate the correct proxy Management Point of the Secondary Site through Nov 22 2017 Devices that join a Configuration Manager site must be approved. Stop the SQL Server service on the Secondary Site 2. The problem is database recovery pending. 5 is installed on Configuration Manager central administration site servers primary site servers and secondary site servers. Site data refers to operational information that Configuration Manager primary sites and the clients that report to primary sites create. 6. The site has not been shown after an extended wait. To replace a secondary site with a primary site you must uninstall the secondary site and install a primary site. However 1 of the databases came back with Recovery Pending and has been over 24 hours. To do so you use the Upgrade Secondary Sep 16 2016 SCCM Secondary Site SQL Replication Issue DRS Issue When you see the SQL replication has been failed and try to run replication link analyzer and you get there is an DRS issue with database try these steps option 66 IP of secondary site server option 67 SMSBoot 92 x86 92 wdsnbp. When you look at the client it 39 s referring to it shows the status as having been sent and no status of restarting pending is shown in the registry client was restarted anyway . And don t forget backup registry and files you deleted. For more information see Upgrade clients in System Center Configuration Manager and How to test client upgrades in a pre production collection in System Center Configuration Manager. Resolution Note Please use the below solution after all the prerequisite check Log on your Secondary SCCM Site server Copy Tech support scams are an industry wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. 1. Points to be noted before the start of recovery activity Recover a site server using the Recover Secondary Site action from the Sites node in the Configuration Manager Admin console. Dec 13 2018 On the site server and recovery window during install of SCCM would I do a reinstall of site server or use the maintenance task backup then skip DB recovery since the DB is on a remote server I do have the reporting point role and application catalog roles installed on the remote SQL server. Since I didn t have any bespoke reports in the site then this was a relatively painless exercise. 800 606 Failed to auto discover site code. All changes in primary where XXX is the secondary site 39 s code. 5 GB it s a document attachments saving database I have only 1 table in this database I am saving pictures documents PDF and word excel files as binary in to the table. Nov 30 2011 Configuration Manager 2012 uninstalls Configuration Manager 2007 secondary site Upgrade job pauses awaiting next data gathering job to verify of the Secondary Site uninstall is completed If uninstalled Configuration Manager 2012 distribution point installs Content conversion is performed Job is completed. Typically the next status message is Initiate secondary site server bootstrap installation service however that message never gets displayed. The most important changes are the following. exe tool that comes with Windows Server or third party tools to back up account data as follows May 16 2015 Introduction Installing this service pack is very similar to previous service packs and CU updates but there are a few things you should be aware of. Shutdown old CAS server OS 2008 R2 SP1 Delete AD computer record Dec 24 2019 Our team has several decades of systems management and configmgr experience. Point 2. Reapplies the default Configuration Manager file and registry permissions. Go to the Primary Site and rerun the Replication Link Analyzer. Aug 06 2012 Today I encountered an issue where a DP assignment was locked in the SCCM console at the package creation level and missing altogether at the child primary site. Here is the solution Log on your Secondary SCCM Site server copy the file 92 inboxes 92 sitectrl. In Configuration Manager 2012 the client push installation settings are associated with each primary or secondary site in the hierarchy. Posts about Secondary Sites written by casekev. Mar 17 2009 Recently I had problems removing the Software Update Point role from one of my SCCM secondary sites. On your SQL server hosting your SCCM database open SQL Server Configuration Manager. I 39 ve seen reports of people having success with two methods 1. I have tried to backup the database with no success. Site data includes hardware inventory data status messages alerts and the results of query based collections. Good luck We are creating a new Secondary Site instillation is stuck in Pending. To see the summary status nbsp System Center Configuration Manager SCCM is developed by Microsoft and is 21 Backup Recovery and Maintenance discusses database maintenance tasks. 1 ACTIVE 2 PENDING 3 FAILED Use the Recover Secondary Site action from the Sites node in the Configuration Manager console. I have a SQL cluster which ran out of disk the other day. This post is based on the current beta version of SCCM 2012 which is beta 2. When you remove a secondary site the SCCM Console gives you two options Uninstall the Secondary site OR. I hope this helps. I thought Im removing the secondary and reinstall the I initiated a site recovery on one of our secondary sites and unfortunately there was a network issue on the secondary site server during the recovery process which caused issues. Storage cost is incurred for the Site Recovery replica of storage in the target location. Setup cannot continue. I ve been troubleshooting an issue with Computer Associations in SCCM. In that case you 39 ll need to add a secondary site. Uninstall the ConfigMgr Secondary Site from the Control Panel. log file you will see that the Today we are going to talk about SCCM Secondary Site Failure and Restore For a Long while SCCM Admins would have nightmare if the Secondary Site Goes down . Shutdown old CAS server OS 2008 R2 SP1 Delete AD computer record Nov 23 2018 SCCM Database replication issues are common when you have an SCCM hierarchy with CAS Primary or Secondary servers. Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions If you are interested in hiring me as a consultant see my consulting page or refer to the Agdiwo website. Right click TCP IP on the right pane and go to properties . System Center Configuration Manager 2012 is another of the big releases in the System Center suite this year and promises to deliver a lot of exciting new functionality. Phase 1 of 3. Prestaging is a process that involves the distribution point the package and a Commandline tool. Delete the Secondary site . Best practices Always start from If an update includes the Configuration Manager client you are offered the option to test the update in pre production or to apply the update to all clients immediately After a primary site is updated secondary sites do not automatically update. Re installs all site components and all site system roles at the site. In addition when you perform a SCCM site maintenance or site reset two things are done in the background. 4. i have attached my smspxe. log file Jul 01 2012 Start the ConfigMgr SCCM 2012 Setup from the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager installation media we ve to run this setup from the server which you want to recover. Jun 21 2016 Updates and Servicing allows you to Retry an Installation via the Retry Installation option to avoid site resets or restoring the site from backup. box 92 . In this post we will see the steps for In place upgrade to Configuration Manager 1511. Mar 29 2018 Any Windows 10 Creators update device that is enrolled into Intune can be reset remotely from the Azure Portal using Fresh Start. Jun 26 2012 The name change. Right click on the secondary site in Configuration Manager and choose Recover secondary site. The products in the System Center family help manage applications and services across physical virtual and cloud information technology IT infrastructures. May 08 2008 Restore User State failed 00004005. SCCM secondary server updates needs to be completed manually. Start the SQL Server service. It requires sufficient knowledge of the Configuration Manager Product amp dependent components. Note If you connect to your primary site via RDP use the switch console or admin depending on RDP version. In SCCM Architecture as illustrated in the following figure. The Problem Distribution points doesn t get the content you distribute to them from the primary server. 800 608 Failed to get Site Version from AD and SLP. The default value is ACTIVE 1 . This part is critical. c. I did in my test lab. Secondary site upgrade was failed due to The SQL server management Object was failed to install While checking SQL and its components I found that some of it components REBUILD pending star RBDP status indicates that a logical partition of a nonpartitioned secondary index is unavailable for read write access and the entire index is unavailable for read access. As always you should start by checking the healthRead More After poking around in SSMS for a while I noticed that on the secondary replica there was a pause icon next to the Availability Databases. Once the site showed up in Parent Server I configured other options for the Site such as Boundaries PXE Service Point. To upgrade select the Secondary site from SCCM Console. 3 Choose the option to delete or uninstall site Delete this site . Below are the key point and action taken to bring it up. Once phase 1 is complete it would go with Phase 2 and 3 as shown below. We can monitor the change of site code in the SCCM console work space. i checked secondary server logs and looks like it not communicting correctly with its parent 999 Hman. Use with two parameters SiteCode and DistPoint. It only removes the Secondary Site from the Primary Site and the Secondary Site components are still installed on the Secondary Site. Oct 18 2013 This enables some kind of data protection between each site as you know inventory from S01 will not appear on S02 and S03. SCCM Site needs to be the local admin of database server 15. The secondary site forwards the information it gathers from Configuration Manager 2007 clients such as computer inventory data and Configuration Manager 2007 system status information to its parent site. This illustrates the importance of running backups on a daily basis. ct2 and Copy the renamed file to Primary SCCM Site Server 92 inboxes 92 hman. I have got next problem. After in place OS upgrade Windows 2008 R2 to Windows 2012 R2 the Configuration Manager MP and clients communication was not working. This is where we Mar 11 2018 We need to perform below steps on CAS first and then Primary Site if you have CAS and Primary Site in environment. 5 Prior to System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager all site system roles at a secondary site must be located on the site server computer. With Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 an unsupported version of SQL Server Express 11. NET Framework version 3. Sometimes it even works. In the console under Administration gt Site Configuration gt Sites gt Right click the site and Choose Configure Site Components gt Software Update Point. SCCM replication link is failed between the primary server and secondary sites . 3. Yes that is correct. 28 Jan 2013 To resolve this I had to recreate the whole Failover cluster re enable HA in the SQL Configuration manager and then I could set one of the db 39 s nbsp 3 Jul 2012 The setup begins from the Primary Site Server. log says 999 is my primary server site code quot Cannot get SQL Certficate from site 999 Apr 26 2017 You try to install a new secondary site or to recover an old secondary site by using the Copy installation source files over the network from the parent site server Installation Source Files option. spConfigureReplication. IN SCCM 2012 SP1 Though it Apr 30 2015 Force SCCM Distribution Point to refresh failed packages Forces System Center Configuration Manager to refresh all packages with status INSTALL_PENDING or INSTALL_FAILED on a specified distribution point. SCCM 2012 allows administrators to create a secondary site. Navigate to Overview 92 Site Configuration 92 Servers and Site System Roles 4. Dec 01 2014 Determining if you need a Primary Site Secondary Site or only a Site System Role MP SUP in your SCCM hierarchy can lead to confusion. Below are high level steps you need to perform to add this database to AOAG configuration. If you are unsure connect to the SCCM console of the parent primary site of the affected secondary site and go to the affected package gt Distribution Points gt if the secondary site DP has a padlock next to it then Nov 06 2014 1. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. 03 08 2011 Tao Yang 2 comments. Instead you must initiate the secondary site update SMS SCCM Beyond Application Deployment is a blog by Matthew Hudson covering SMS 2003 SCCM 2007 2012 and beyond package deployment. Failed to auto discover site code. I received the following in the SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER log Once you have booted up with the Vista DVD Recovery Disc select Repair Options and select Command Prompt no admin password needed this way Now type in C or whichever directory your system files are located cd windows winsxs del pending. SCCM replication issue is not very easy to troubleshoot via forums or offline. Hi all. This article covers the important questions which should be addressed before choosing to implement Availability Groups. Compliance I ve worked with organizations that either don t have a secondary disaster failover site or that do but it s literally across the street Nov 02 2016 Pending Open X 92 Windows 92 WinSxS in explorer you will see pending. There is nothing in the event viewer on SQL Server. In this scenario errors that resemble the following are logged in the ConfigMgrSetup. The computer must also meet all secondary site prerequisites and have appropriate security rights configured. When the recovery procedure finished the site start a reinstallation steps automatically for all components this is done in the background. A Windows computer is pending a reboot if any of the conditions in this table are true. box 92 Apr 16 2012 Pre installation requirements examining the current computing environment CAS primary and secondary sites branch cache designing and recommending System Center Configuration Manager server architecture extending the Active Directory schema DNS service records WINS managed providers discovery methods and planning migration Nov 24 2016 sccm 2012 reinstalling a management point on a secondary site Replacement for BGInfo during OS Deployment Works in full OS on later Windows. CONFIGMGRSEC 92 MSSQL 92 Log you will see alot of files there 3. After the site reinstalls the secondary site data is reinitialized from the parent primary site. On Primary site server open Hman. The primary had shown both were quot green quot but there was an option on the secondary to Resume Data Movement. This post will focus on the Secondary Site installation. 4 hours ago Client from SMS_R_System. Site data replicates to the central administration site but not to other primary sites. There are 3 ACS servers 1 primary in Moscow 2 secondary in Moscow 3 secondary in Europe. The flow of data types between these sites is explained subsequently page2 . Jun 19 2015 If you reinstall Secondary site again on the same server. Next Bypass security prompt Aug 07 2017 SCCM CB 1706 Secondary Site Installation This document is intended to show how to prepare and deploy System Center Configuration Manager 1706 secondary site installation. Aug 21 2013 SCCM 2007 Secondary site Installation Pending Fails Sign in to follow this . You are about to recover a secondary site HSO Secondary site FQDN. 24 Oct 2018 SCCM Secondary Site stuck in recovering quot Recover Secondary Site quot grayed edit 2019 01 Upgrade grayed but in C ConfigMgrSetup. I threw plenty more disk at the SAN. In the Configuration Manager Console navigate to Site Management 2. Another reason would be if the network was unreliable. NET Framework version 4. Copy the renamed file to Primary SCCM Site Server 92 inboxes 92 hman. Let s check what the necessary troubleshooting steps an SCCM admin can perform are. In this article Scott Lowe shows Create your own SCCM LAB Domain Controller Create a VM as Member Server Designing SCCM Hierarchy SCCM Site Types CAS Primary Secondary and Remote Distribution Points Design concepts to decide Central Administration Site CAS Primary Site Secondary site or Remote Distribution Aug 08 2013 If there is a Secondary Site in place it will first uninstall the Secondary Site before removing the old Distribution Point. This failure occurs even if the proxy settings are defined on the Network tab of Configuration Manager properties in the client Control Panel item. Using the Disaster Recovery Wizard the Recover Data from Reference Site option is chosen after which the wizard finds the exact number of collections packages and advertisements that are created since the last backup Sep 08 2014 We checked all the settings for SCCM 2012 boundaries Management Point and PKI among others. Looking at the LocationServices. Mar 12 2012 To properly recover a site server you must have information about the accounts that SCCM used before the site failed. In SCCM console go to 92 Administration 92 Overview 92 Site Configuration 92 Sites then select Client Push installation from Client Installation settings from Aug 09 2012 In Part I we covered the configuration of Active Directory and the SCCM Management Point Server as well as the SQL Server. Install all roles and features needed to make a server as a primary site 12. On secondary site SS2 open Local Users and Groups. The primary site then reinstalls that secondary Apr 16 2015 SCCM When to use a Secondary Site. Dec 03 2012 One another interesting point is that back in SMS 2003 the recovery of secondary site is supported and more details here. Troubleshooting this problem has been a pain so I thought I d share this with you. 25 Aug 2011 I certainly like the fact that I can setup a new secondary site right from the Configuration Manager console and that additionally I can choose to nbsp 7 Feb 2020 This blog article describe a complete SCCM Installation Guide. It also delivers glimpses at the biggest quot gotchas quot with connectivity Windows Fail over Clustering and off loading of reads and backups Learn about the available products in the Microsoft System Center family and the licensing requirements. 11 Run next commands on secondary SCCM1 server Ever since I installed Cumulative Update 2 CU2 for ConfigMgr 2012 Service Pack 1 SP1 whenever I try to install a new Secondary Site or recover an old Secondary Site using the Copy installation source files over the network from the parent site server Installation Source Files option it fails and I see the following errors in Hello We are currently running an SCCM 2007 R2 SP1 on a 2008 server. Choose restore. Apr 14 2020 Add SCCM server computer account SCCM 192. Expand SQL Server Network Configuration in the left hand tree view panel and click on Protocols for CONFIGMGRSEC . Automatic update of secondary site servers isn 39 t supported. It will focus mainly on Reg files Batch VbScript WMI and possibly other methods. For a detailed exp After installing the secondary site on SCCM secondary server in SCCM console this site has not been shown or still is pending. Browse to C 92 Program Files 92 Microsoft SQL Server 92 MSSQL10_50. Oct 10 2010 b. All our configuration was correct. On a 2007 version you would use secondary site where your network is slow and the number of clients where high depending on the network speed it could be only 10 clients . Like Like Perforce Software provides enterprise scale development tools. Jan 04 2017 Either the user account running Configuration Manager Setup does not have sysadmin SQL Server role permission on the SQL Server instance selected for site database installation or the SQL Server instance could not be contacted to verify permissions. Go to Administration Site Configuration Sites Right click your Secondary siteand right click and click on Upgradeor Select the site and from ribbon click on Upgrade Jun 07 2013 Update 12 2015 Be aware that starting with CM build 1511 and later you 39 ll want to include the CD. Posted on May 14 2015. log Records the installation activities of the application catalog web service. sitestat. Apr 08 2015 Software Update Point Role in SCCM Secondary Site When a software update point is installed on a secondary site the WSUS database is configured as a replica instead of an autonomous WSUS instance which is how the WSUS database is configured when installing the software update point on a primary site or central administration site. A child site is almost a totally separate site and can have a totally separate structure. Step 2 Tried recovering the secondary site from primary site however it is stuck at Recovering state. IN SCCM 2012 SP1 Though it Apr 25 2013 Normally You would find SCCM Architects Designers Administrators in a Dilemma when it comes to Which one to choose A Primary Site vs Secondary Site vs a Distribution Point OK I will try to make life easy for you here Choose a Primary When you want to manage Clients Directly . On the Secondary Site server. ct0 file to a temp location Rename it to 00000000. Manually update each secondary site from within the Configuration Manager console after the primary parent site finishes the update installation. Dec 18 2018 Configuration Manager 1602 introduced the support of SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups. Jan 17 2017 When you start content redistribution Configuration Manager copies the files from the content library on the site server to the distribution points. SELECT FROM dbo. A lot of SCCM administrators often ask the question should I create a secondary site for my SCCM environment The answer to that question can depend on many factors however a good general rule of thumb is to use a secondary site if the site is on a slow WAN link and there are many clients in the remote site. After upgrading to 1802 I tried to upgrade a secondary site this failed and that sec site lost his Database connection. Mar 11 2018 We need to perform below steps on CAS first and then Primary Site if you have CAS and Primary Site in environment. latest folder from the old site server to a temporary location on the new site server. Jul 16 2012 SCCM Package Stuck at quot Install Pending quot State Persistently One of my SCCM Primary Site servers encountered some issues over the past week and at this time a package was being copied to all Primary Site Servers including the one having issues. Dec 17 2014 Always On Availability Groups are deceptively simple to set up. Then refreshing the Servers and Site System Roles page in the Configuration Manager console only listed Site System. If it is successful a state message will be sent to site server confirming that software update scan is completed successfully and it can be verified using the following log. After a Site recovery it can happen that SCCM resets that counter and starts from 0. Resetting the device via Fresh Start results in applications and data on the device being removed although there is an option to retain user data. Account data is stored in domain controllers. Also use the same installation path that was used for the failed site. Uninstall the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Secondary Site from Add Remove Programs on the Child site. I successfully deployed the hot fix rollup to the primary site and after some googling determined that each secondary needed to be recovered in order to update them. We 39 d like to upgrade to a 2008R2 box with SCCM 2007SP2. The site server uninstallation process is roughly as follows. Mar 19 2013 A. Oct 24 2013 SCCM 2012 SP1 clients does not receive policy. How to create a request file to renew the certificate only working method to renew A. Note that in a multi site hierarchy recovery scenario there is a time limit on the validity of a database backup set it is about 3 days maximum . ConfigMgrSetup. Recovery Method Apr 11 2017 From SQL Management Studio click New Query . I was then able to right click the system and choose delete. 1 Log on to the primary for the secondary site. CAS Take fresh SCCM full site backup since we are on new SQL version now. Jun 13 2017 Site Recovery replicates fails over and recovers your workloads so that they remain available when a failure occurs. 3 of the secondary sites recovered successfully but the fourth is stuck at quot pending quot with install status reporting quot pre requisite passed quot since noon yesterday. Oct 03 2016 I then re configured via the Reporting Services Configuration Manager and re installed the Reporting Services Point role. Database in Recovery Pending in SQL Server 2012 Alwayson Availability After performing reboot of primary server the primary replica database moved to quot Recovery Pending quot state and the other replicas become unusable. Before you begin Backup the Orchestrator database Make sure there are no pending reboots on any of . Copy the cd. Select the option called Recover a Site to recover the primary site which you lost. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Aug 19 2013 Recently I noticed that my SCCM 2012 sp1 CU1 stopped distributing content to remote DPs. LATEST folder in the backup files. By default devices in a domain that Configuration Manager has a trust with are automatically approved. When the site server can 39 t connect to the service the SMS_SERVICE_CONNECTOR component status changes to critical. Click More Actions gt New Group Set group name as SMS Admins. Oct 05 2012 During the migration from Configuration Manager 2007 to Configuration Manager 2012 I experienced a problem with clients in a Secondary site wouldn t get assigned to the Primary Site Management Point. Get System Center now. The CAS has two primary sites which in turn lead to two secondary sites. From this I assume it was previously distributed at the child site however when it was later undistributed the status message did not make it to the central site to update its record Jul 30 2019 Extend AD Schema Pending 11. 0. This is something I 39 ve done a bunch of times before and it has nbsp 9 Sep 2016 I initiated a site recovery on one of our secondary sites and unfortunately there was a network issue on the secondary site server during the recovery process nbsp Windows 2008 R2 SP1 being configured as a secondary site. d 92 sccm for our Secondary sites since they were fresh installs when we set them up . Using the simple recovery model improves performance and saves your server nbsp 20 Jun 2018 Generally SQL database faces many technical issues and are trickier to manage. He is a Blogger Speaker and Local User Group Community leader and has implemented and designed environments for Federal as well as well as Fortune 100 and 500 clients. The only option you have in this case is to re Install it . Dec 29 2016 For more information about site maintenance tasks see Maintenance tasks for System Center Configuration Manager. Configure the settings as you wish. Workgroup devices aren t in a domain at all let alone a trusted one so that s not going to work. Sometimes happen that you need SCCM services restart like SMS_EXECUTIVE or other services. With the release of Configuration Manager 1511 Microsoft allows you to run an in place upgrade to configuration manager 1511 from a site and hierarchy that runs System Center 2012 Configuration Manager. Download WSUS Hotfix KB3095113 1. All the Pre req are installed on the seconday server. Jan 17 2020 SCCM Services restart. Servicing Plans in System Center Configuration Manager ConfigMgr SCCM offer ConfigMgr admins the ability to automatically schedule the download and deployment of Windows 10 feature updates. Copy these files to secondary replica and restore corresponding secondary database in norecovery mode. 2100. Sep 16 2013 Today we are going to talk about SCCM Secondary Site Failure and Restore For a Long while SCCM Admins would have nightmare if the Secondary Site Goes down . The Central Site can send data to any site below it in the hierarchy down to those sites as well. One such example of an error statement in SQL server is nbsp 30 Oct 2015 I built a new SCCM 2012 R2 CU2 suite on Server 2012 R2. This post is about why you should not be using them. A list of servers Primary and Secondary Site will appear on the right panel right click on your Secondary Site and select Add Site System Role 5. Aug 25 2011 I certainly like the fact that I can setup a new secondary site right from the Configuration Manager console and that additionally I can choose to push the installation files to the new secondary site as part of that setup process. 6. 1013 Secondary site recovery has started. No user action is required. Download Configuration Manager CB v1511 Hotfix KB3127032 1. log INFO Configuring database replication tables 42000 50000 Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11. Dec 02 2016 Select Recover this site server using an existing backup then browse to the backup location. When a site server fails the information about the content library files is restored to the site database but you must restore the content library and package source files on the site server. Please advice what else can i do Nov 22 2013 The current site status ReplicationMaintenance This is not the complete log but the process is stuck in Maintenance mode. 10. Sep 22 2017 CB1706 Upgrade Secondary Site Failed to Upgrade Issue One of the secondary site upgrade was failed at installing and updating SQL server management Object while upgrade. ct2 and. I m already running SCCM 2007 SP2 R3 in my home lab environment so I m keen to find out how SCCM 2012 performs. Make sure to reuse the same program path d 92 sms for our Primary sites since they were upgrades from sms. Client computers create state messages when evaluating software update deployments for the compliance of deployment whether or not the client requires one or more software updates in the deployment and for the enforcement of a mandatory deployment. When you do the recovery step your site will to use the original setup paths that were in use prior to the site failure. Jan 06 2009 a. Install latest Windows updates on Site Server 1. In this blog post I will be checking to see if a remote server is a suitable candidate to become a secondary server for Configuration Manager 2012 CM12 . When a site server installs the update it automatically updates all of the site system roles. 2 On the welcome page click next. How to check if the SCCM Site Server Signing Certificate is expired. I resumed the first database and immediately the In Recovery status message was removed. To start the update installation at a secondary site After a secondary site s parent primary site updates Update the secondary site from within the SCCM console. Provide Computer Account of SCCM Primary and Secondary site Server Full Rights to System Container Site Server Prerequisites such as . on Nov 8 2016 at 16 13 UTC. Configuration Manager Client Messaging SDK By Flemming Appelon Christiansen 2020 05 19T12 45 54 01 00 May 17th 2020 Configuration Manager SCCM Tools 4 Vikram is a Cloud Solutions Architect on enterprise server and client management with more than 18 years of experience in IT. Status Current status of the site. You may use copy and paste tools and tools like Imagex to get things working but it s a pain . you will come up with an issue that Secondary site is already installed on this server. B. 04 SQL 2012SP1 Secondary Replica Has SQL 2012SP1 installed. ALTER DATABASE YourDatabase SET OFFLINE WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE ALTER DATABASE YourDatabase SET ONLINE WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE. May 07 2012 sitectrl. A site recovery is required any time a site fails or data loss occurs within the database. Few weeks ago on different customer i ran into same issue for 2 of the secondary sites while upgrading to SCCM build 1810. This post is going to focus on the shared redo target . Make sure your SCCM database is selected it is usually CM_XXX where XXX is your sitecode. This SQL instance does not contain CU2 or SP1. This more or less eliminates the need for a secondary site. A Central Site is a Configuration Manager Primary Site that resides at the top of the Configuration Manager hierarchy. This is the last site I need to configure and after 3 attempts I am stuck in the same nbsp 3 Dec 2012 ConfigMgr 2007 and 2012 RTM version don 39 t support the recovery of secondary site. Unattended Site Recovery Script File Keys Post Recovery Tasks Recover a Secondary Site nbsp . If you 39 re using SMS 2003 to administer hardware over a large area a single site won 39 t be able to do the job. Oct 24 2018 1011 Recover a secondary site the primary site will send down the installation media. Backup the Configuration Manager Server and test the backup by trying to recover it 1. Findings and Resolution There was a drive issue on Primary Site s database site system which caused replication to break. 0 SQL Server Object 39 PullDPResponse 39 does not exist spConfigureReplication ERROR Failed to execute dbo. sccm recover secondary site pending