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Best Things to Do and See in Dalat

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Known as “the city of flowers” or “Little Paris in Vietnam”, Dalat owns everything from picturesque spectacles, peaceful landscapes to colorful festivals to become the wonderful destination for travelers all over the world. Weather in Dalat is absolutely comfortable around the year which is not as hot as summer in Ho Chi Minh City and warmer than Hanoi in the winter. If your next traveling plan is Dalat tour, then the following list will provide you with some reviews and descriptions.


Pagoda in Da Lat, Cozy Vietnam Travel

What to do and see in Dalat

Langbiang Mountain

In the mind of locals, Langbiang Mountain is the legendary symbol of endless love. Nowadays, “the proof of Dalat” is one of the must-see attractions in Vietnam which is well-known for the astonishing views of the whole romantic city as well as the diverse nature of faunas and floras. The height of 2167m is such an interesting challenge for the climbers to conquer Langbiang Mountain. On the way to the peak, mountaineers can see majestic tropical forests and magnificent silver waterfalls without any traces of human beings. This mountainous area is also the home of some ethnic minority groups where you can explore the long-established tradition and culture through their fancy clothes and special houses.


Langbiang Mountain in Da Lat, Tour, Cozy Vietnam Travel

Xuan Huong Lake

Crescent-moon-shaped lake at the heart of Dalat is the perfect place for slow and quiet moments. Imagine in a peaceful dawn, you are strolling along the lakeside, breathing the fresh air of a new day and seeing the smooth surface of the water as silk. What a morning! In the afternoon, when the sunshine is no longer blazing, it is time to hire a tandem bike for you and your sweetheart to go around the lake, enjoying scenic beauties of pine forests and garden of colorful flowers. If you are tired of the noise and dust of your city, Xuan Huong Lake will never make you disappointing.


Xuan Huong Lake in Da Lat, Tours, Da Lat, Cozy Vietnam Travel

Hoa Son Dien Trang Ecotourism

The very new tourism site named “peaceful green oasis in Dalat” is updated in many to-do lists of travelers when traveling to this poetic city. It is famous for giant Buddha hand created by old forest wires and located on the hillside with an overview of pristine tropical forests. Besides, Hoa Son Dien Trang offers tourists a range of selections such as camping sites near a waterfall, rose gardens, wooden houses on trees, etc.


Hoa Son Dien Trang Ecotourism in Da Lat, Lam Dong, Tour, Cozy Vietnam Travel

Elephant Ride

Have you ever sat on an elephant’s back for a sightseeing tour? The big but friendly and well-trained elephants in Dalat are always available to be your “living transportations”. Although travel by elephant riding is quite slow, you can get a chance to see and explore thoroughly all the breathtaking views along the route. Maybe sitting on the back of a 3-meter elephant makes you scared of falling but it is absolutely safe as the elephants move without shaking too much. Therefore, experience Vietnam elephant tour once will be embedded deeply in your mind.


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Datanla waterfall

This cataract is recognized as one of the most amazing attractions in Dalat. There are many risky games which are always available for tourists loving difficulties and challenges.

Conquering the waterfall by rope

Datanla welcomes visitors with 7-level waterfall. The water flows through the granite mountains and flutters down the large white foam stone, hiding inside a spectacular rainbow. Take the rope by hands, put the feet on the stones and then slowly get down from the top of the waterfall, you will have the real challenging feelings. Stop at the middle of the cataract to admire the strange shapes of stones and the brilliant flowers grown among the rocks.


Conquering the Waterfall by Rope in Da Lat, Tours, Lam Dong, Tours, Cozy Vietnam Travel


Some minutes for basic skills and equipping protection tools and you will be ready for an adventurous trip. On the river with many scattered stones, you and your partner have to control, drive your kayak together in order to get to the finish. A single ticket for this activity is approximately US $35.

Bao Dai Summer Palace

Dalat is also remarkable for French architecture from the 20th century and the palace is an exactly representative example. The construction was built in the 1930s by the last emperor of Nguyen Dynasty, Bao Dai. The perfect combination of park, botanical garden, green forest, and lake brings for the palace the palatial but dreamy sense. Visitors can dress up like king, queen, prince, and princess to experience the royal life in one of the most luxurious palaces in Vietnam.


Bao Dai Summer Palace in Da Lat, Lam Dong, Da Lat, Cozy Vietnam Travel

What to eat and drink in Dalat

Underworld Market

Opposite to its unique name, the night market is the paradise of shopping and street food. Some featured dishes such as banh trang nuong (hot grilled rice crepe), soya milk or grilled sweet potato is a must to taste at the cold nights in Dalat. Some souvenirs and local products like artichokes, vegetables, and dried fruits can be easily found in the market.

Me Linh Coffee Garden


Me Linh Coffee Garden in Da Lat, Lam Dong, Tours, Lam Dong, Cozy Vietnam Travel

If you are staying at Dalat and wish for a cup of coffee, Me Linh coffee garden will be your wise choice. The coffee shop is designed without walls so that customers can get closer to nature. Spend a nice day drinking a cup of your favorite coffee, immersing yourself in the breathtaking scenes, reading books or writing postcards for your friends and family telling them how wonderful your Vietnam vacation is.

Festival in Dalat

Dalat Flower Festival

In December of every two years, Dalat organizes the festival to honor the beauty of flower and floriculture. Visitors will completely admire the allure of flowers and ornamental plants which are designed based on the theme of each holiday. The festival begins with a fantastic a night opening with the splendid dances, sweet music, and garish lights. At daytime, impressive parades are often held on streets with dozens of carriages decorated with colorful flowers. Additionally, the festival also includes contests or exhibitions on flowers for attendances to have a wonderful experience. Participating in the festival will leave tourists, especially flower lovers, a ton of unforgettable memories.


Dalat Flower Festival in Da Lat, Da Lat Flower, Tour, Cozy Vietnam Travel

Tea Cultural Festival

The festival is organized every two years to honor the tea industry which aims to boost the economy as well as tourism in Dalat. It is the great occasion for Vietnamese tea producers to popularize their products and brands. Therefore, tourists can grab a wonderful chance to enjoy new fragrant types of tea. At present, Tea Cultural festival will become a part of the Dalat Flower Festival so tourists can enjoy both of amazing festivals at the same time.