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Best Things to Do & See in Lao Chai Village, Sapa

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Lao Chai Village is one of the most imposing landmarks of Sapa which is home to the Black H’mong. Thus, there is no reason to miss this place in any Vietnam Local Tour Company and Sapa tours in particular. With countless amazing things one can experience in the village, Lao Chai will welcome visitors with warmness and hospitality. In order to reach the village from Sapa, you can go by car or motorbike. However, if you desire to get a closer look at the local scenery and everyday life, trekking along the mountainside is amongst the most appealing things to do to gain a deeper insight its unique culture and custom.

Behold the Gorgeous Beauty of Lao Chai Village in the Harvest Season

Sapa is as bustling as Lao Chai Village is peace. If you come here in the rice harvest season, the first impression that you must be surprised is the terraced fields on the hillside stretching to endless. If you want to admire the gorgeous of golden terraced fields, you should come here in April or September. The rice harvest season is also the time that the village is most fun and cozy. At that time in Lao Chai village, you will find the scent of aromatic rice mixed with the wind, spreading all over the forest and the village like inviting tourists to the village. Lao Chai village shows up as a beautiful landscape painting in the rice harvest season.


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Explore the Diverse Culture of Lao Chai Village

As a beautiful village which is around 7 kilometers to the southeast of Sapa town, Lao Chai awaits out there to be explored. Lao Chai is home to more than 100 H’mong ethnic minority households. The H’Mong ethnic group mainly lives by growing rice fields in the valley. They also plant maize, cassava and upland rice on the slopes, hillsides behind the village.


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Lao Chai village is home to the ethnic Giay with more than 40 households and a few other ethnic minority people. They live in the lowlands, the valleys near rivers and streams to cultivate rice. On the other hand, the Mong people prefer high places to grow upland rice, tapioca, and maize. In front of the village is the beautiful Muong Hoa stream and in the behind is the majestic Hoang Lien Mountains. After visiting Lao Chai village you can easily go to other famous tourist spots of Sapa such as Ta Phin village, Cau May, ancient rocks, Thac Bac waterfall, Giang Ta Chai…

Go Trekking in Lao Chai Village

Lao Chai with the majestic beauty of terraced fields, waterfalls, and mountains is a very ideal place for trekking activities to explore the beauty of Sapa. Trekking to the villages not only helps you enjoy the whole beauty of the nature of Sapa clouds but also helps you understand more about life as well as customs, lifestyle, and culture of the people here.


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Experience Local Life in Lao Chai Village

When traveling to Lao Chai village, staying in a homestay is one of the favorite tourist experience of Sapa. You can rent a place in the house of the local people, enjoy the Sapa’s specialties, drink glutinous rice wine, cider wine and chat with the owner around the flickering fire to understand more about the culture and people here. It will be a very enjoyable experience that you cannot forget in life. The life of the people here is now much better, electricity has been drawn to the village so when you stay here you can also read books, watching TV or learn about the cultural life of ethnic people living in Lao Chai village.


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After a day of exploring Lao Chai with many interesting experiences, what is greater than you can fall asleep in the warm pads that have been prepared by the local people. In Lao Chai -, you will be wakened up in the early morning by the cock crows on the hill instead of the alarm bell, which will make you feel very peaceful and suddenly the old memories will rush back to you and make your soul become more relaxed. Lao Chai is an ideal destination for everybody after stressful working days, where you can temporarily forget about the busy life and to immerse in the beautiful and peaceful space.