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Hanoi Nightlife

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If one day you when you travel to Hanoi and could not sleep, you can step out into the street to hear the breath of Hanoi’s night, a Hanoi in a calm and old appearance. On that nights has the idyllic and quiet features, has true essence of living lives. Hanoi daytime is too hustle and bustle. Sometimes, this rush makes the visitors not have enough time to stop and look at the ancient beauty of 36 streets, of Thang Long thousand years of civilization that people often remind. If visitors want to admire the beauty of ancient Hanoi, you have to wait until night, when there is no congestion, stuffy atmosphere in the vehicle horn.


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Different from Hanoi with the busy life, the afternoon traffic jam with smoke and loud vehicle horn, Hanoi at night wear a mysterious but not less magnificent beauty. You can enjoy the busy and magnificent nightlife of Hanoi in a Western style at the famous bar and club. On the other hand, take a chance to enjoy a casual Hanoi, when the street lights up, Hanoi turns into night. All roads and streets are bright with sparkling lights which make the Hanoi more shimmering, brilliant. On the old streets such as Luong Van Can, Hang Ngang, Hang Dao, Hang Ma, the crowds walk around town, someone comes in some stores to buy souvenirs and just feels the ancient space of Hanoi. On the roads like Thanh Nien, Quang Trung, Nguyen Du, or along the West Lake, Truc Bach Lake, Hoan Kiem Lake, the young people come here to relax, enjoy the cool and admire the beauty of nature at night.


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Night cuisine is also a characteristic of Hanoi’s night. Hanoi is considered one of the world’s most perfect night street food. From the old streets to new paths, they all have night food stores, from the soothing flavor of boiled corn, the roasted sweet potatoes, tasty bowl of chicken soup to the famous dish in the capital Hanoi, rice noodles soup. Whether it’s 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning, you can still enjoy these superb delicacies on overnight Hanoi streets. In late night, the electric light from the small alley shines the night. The rows of houses stay silent at night and when you listen, you can feel the soothing sound of falling dewdrops on the leaves. Lost in that quiet space, somewhere, sounds of insects appear, and the voice of the women selling goods at night. From a far distance, the sound of broom sweeper echoes of night sanitation workers. Hanoi does not have a rest at night, on all roads, bicycles, motorcycles, and cars are moving. In the wholesale market, the voice of human buying and selling human makes the market become busy and bustle.


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The most brilliant and romantic scene is Quang Ba flower market during the night. Regardless sweltering summer night or a bitter winter night, the flower market is still colorful.
Hanoi night is the night of the sparkling lights, the night of rhythm of noisy streets, the night of the ordinary man struggling for a living life. Hanoi nightlife is the night of cultural values lasting with time. A night flower market, a sleepless store, a voice of street vendors disappearing into the narrow streets, a lakeside breeze are enough for visitors to feel the peaceful atmosphere of Hanoi.


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