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Yen Island – The Gorgeous Pearl in Nha Trang

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Nha Trang is the home to countless beautiful beaches and islets but Yen Island stands out from the crowd with brilliant landscapes and unspoiled beaches. Located in Nha Trang Bay, Khanh Hoa Province, which is about 25 km northeast far from the mainland your Nha Trang tour will be a mistake if you miss visiting Yen Island.

Things to Do & See in Yen Island, Nha Trang

The Double Natural Beach Only Found in Vietnam

Yen Island is a magnet for tourists thanks to the most beautiful and unique double beach in Vietnam. It is a paradise with a long sand dividing the vast ocean into two sides: a warm side and a cool side. It also owns a magnificent scenery created by the hands of Mother Nature which is worth a stop to behold.


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In Yen Island, visitors should try the coral view ships on the beach. The beautiful beach with clear blue water and the coral ship, which is designed with transparent glass, will reveal the vibrant colors of the coral. Tourists do not have to dive into the water but still can enjoy the delightful coral reefs.

Du Ha Mountain

If you want to admire the whole scene around the island then you have to conquer the 220 steps to Du Ha Moutain, which is 90m high from the sea level. From the top of Du Ha Moutain, visitors will see the whole surrounding panoramic sea with magnificent emerald blue sea water, beaches curved on two sides as two C leaned against each other. It’s hard to have a word to describe all the scenery when looking down from the height of Du Ha Moutain. This destination is an ideal place to take the beautiful pictures of nature in Yen Island for your photo collection.


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Swift Caves

To have a very unique experience in your Vietnam vacation, visitors should visit the swift caves in Yen Island to learn about the swift nest farming and the specialty – salangane nest. In addition, visitors can visit the Temple of the salangane nest’s ancestor on the other side of the double beach to gain interesting things about the history of the formation and development of the salangane nest. The nests of cave swiftlets are harvested twice in March and August. On every May 10th in the lunar calendar, Khanh Hoa Salanganes Nest Company organizes the Salangane Nest festival to honor and express the gratitude the ancestors and the predecessors of the swift nest exploitation in Khanh Hoa.

Yen Island Travel Guide

Best Time to Visit Yen Island

The best time to travel to Yen Island is in March and August when you can enjoy the swift nest harvest. From April to the end of August, you can still go to the Yen island because the weather is dry, cool and well suited for “vitamin – sea” supplement. However, the rest of the year, sea storms often occur so you should avoid going to Yen Island in those months.


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How to Get to Yen Island from Nha Trang

Yen Island belongs to the management of Khanh Hoa Salanganes Nest Company, so if you want to go there, you will have to book tours. This price includes breakfast with cakes and a bottle of water on the boat, lunch at the island restaurants, snacks in the afternoon, the bus from the hotel and speedboat to the island… When you book the island tour, they will pick you up from the hotel in Nha Trang to Cau Da port. From Cau Da Port you will have to take the boat for more than 1 hour to get to Yen Island.

Accommodation in Nha Trang When Visiting Yen Island

Due to the reason that Yen island is only visited during the day so tourists have to arrange reasonable accommodation in Nha Trang to have a pleasant trip. You will have a wide range of choices from state-of-the-art luxury hotels you never want to leave to affordable options which are still comfortable and convenient. Consider some accommodation suggestions in Nha Trang for your trip to Yen Island:

Vinpearl Resort & Spa Long Beach Nha Trang

Address: Lots D6B2 & D7A1, Zone 2, Cam Ranh District, Nha Trang, Vietnam


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Mia Resort Nha Trang

Address: Bai Dong, Cam Hai Dong, Cam Lam

Havana Nha Trang Hotel

Address: No. 38 Tran Phu St, Loc Tho Ward

Things to Buy & Taste in Yen Island

Tourists can buy a lot of products from the island’s natural salangane nest in Khanh Hoa as gifts such as whole salangane’s nests taken from the natural, well-refined salanganes’ nests, salangane nest drinks, or Khanh Hoa wine of salanganes’ nests and seahorses… Moreover, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy dishes prepared from salanganes’nests at the restaurants on Yen island.


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